How to Influence Florida Legislators to Suspend Contract with ERIC
(PDF FORMAT- includes legislator list)

ThSTRATEGY is to run a campaign directed at key Floridlegislatorsthe Secretary of State Cord Byrd and of course Governor DeSantis Hand delivered letters, emailsphone callsansocial media activity will all be utilized to maximize impact.

ThATTITUDE for this campaign should bunambiguousdirect, anpositive.

The CALL TO ACTION is to influence legislators on reason to suspend membership from the Electronic Registration Information Center a.k.a. ERIC.

  1. Post on social media the “Top 10 Reasons…” jpg format
  2. Choose your favorite Top 10 Reasons and email and/or call the elected officials – they need to hear from their constituents.


Time is othe essence. The Florida Legislators are already meetinanproposinbillsthfull session is between March 7 and May 5.  An amendment can bwritten to remove Florida's permission to participate in ERIC. (FS 98.075(2))


Top 10 Reasons Florida Should Suspend Membership from ERIC
(Electronic Registration Information Center)

  1. ERIC is a trojan horse that pretends to help clean the voter rolls while it inflates the voter rolls. (Adds 10 voters for every 1 it removes.)  Both voter registration records and DMV records are shared with ERIC. 
  2. ERIC shares Florida’s data with 3rd parties without the Department of State's consent.  This is a security risk of personal and confidential data.
  3. ERIC has extremists origins.   Started in 2012 by David Becker with money from Pew Charitable Trusts, which was funded in part by George Soros' Open Society Foundation. 
  4. ERIC has not published an annual report since 2017.
  5. ERIC currently provides a list and requires all members to contact Eligible but Unregistered Citizens (EBUs). This results in significant inflating of voter rolls. EBU additions consistently exceed recommended removals by ten times.
  6. Florida voters don’t want ERIC to share their data with Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR). Becker, who still has a seat on the ERIC board, went on to create the CEIR in 2016. CEIR received $69.5 million from the Chan Zuckerberg initiative in 2020
  7. ERIC shares voter roll data- including records of unregistered citizens with CEIR. Then CEIR offers a free service for election officials called REVERE, using cell phone and email information to send targeted messages to mostly left leaning voters
  8. ERIC is losing membership. Louisiana suspended its participation in January 2022 and Alabama suspended its participation in January 2023
  9. ERIC Headquarters is a rent-by-day facility. It is missing people, servers, and any sign of an ERIC team.
  10. Florida Voters are demanding Florida withdraw from ERIC.

The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a non-profit organization with the sole mission of assisting states to improve the accuracy of America’s voter rolls and increase access to voter registration for all eligible citizens. ERIC is governed and managed by states who choose to join, and was formed in 2012 with assistance from The Pew Charitable Trusts.” …