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Poll Watcher Training PDF to use links-  02/04/23
Video- 2023  Part 1 NEW Training for Poll Watcher Scheduling 
Video- 2023 Part 2 How to change your poll watcher scheduled time slot.

Video of Training- 2022 training... does not include communication section

2023 CITY ELECTION EARLY VOTE:  Hillsborough Poll  Watcher  Checklist  2/18/23
2023 CITY ELECTION DAY: Hillsborough Poll Watcher Checklist 2/18/23

Hillsborough FROM THE SOE OFFICE- Public Observers  
*** EARLY VOTE- poll watchers and observers
***ELECTION DAY- poll watchers and observers

***New SBIS Box 

Incident Report form (May vary from county to county)

Other counties: Poll Watcher Checklist- generic- 
Other counties: Outside and  Public Observes  Checklist-generic


101 Voting Methods and Procedures - overview

101.015 chain of custody
101.31 Poll Watchers 
101.031 Instructions for Electors/voters- Rights & Assistance
101.49 Signature Verification at the polling place 
101.048 Provisional Ballots- processing
101.49 Special Provisional Ballots
101.655 Nursing Homes
101.68 Canvassing Ballots 
101.5614 Canvass of returns- public witness-closing
101.62- Mail-in Ballot requests
101.6103 Mail in Ballots- Do not forward
101.5612- counting VBM ballots
101.69 Voting in person; return of vote-by-mail ballots, SBIS locations and employees monitoring.
101.043 Acceptable forms of ID 
104.0616 Mail-In Ballots SBIS Ballot Limit-information-felony
102 Solicitation

If you want to purchase a tally counter for voters or SBIS drop box voters  prices vary  but might be a good tool to have.    

Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections:

Poll Watchers Training tools- After you take the Poll Watcher training.  It is recommended that you take the below training- excellent and extremely helpful.   Hillsborough  Supervisor Of Elections (SOE) Poll Worker training  
Username- pollwatcher; Password- vote  Short sections by topic with quizzes at the end of each section.    

SOE Updates

2022 Early Vote ELA 45 reports- official & recount difference significant for blank
2022 Voter Turnout Early Vote Primary 
VBM  Mail-in Voter Turnout 
All Precincts- photos and locations
Early Vote Locations
Election Day Locations

Ballot Schedule

Hillsborough Primary Early vote- Poll Workers
Primary Election Day Poll Workers

Hillsborough Canvassing Board Info
The board and inspections(Canvassing Board Activity)- July 7
Canvassing Board Packet
Post 2022 Primary Election 8/25 Canvassing Board- Provisional Ballots and other voter turnout information
Canvassing Board Packet updated for General with categories and links to statutes
2022 General Election Canvassing Board Schedule

Political Signs and Code Enforcement

To request list of VBM processing- party or candidate must request
Data Requests (votehillsborough.gov)
VBM Request Form - 2022.pdf (votehillsborough.gov)

Florida Divisions of Elections:

Provisional Ballot Cure Affidavit  
Universal Template for Provisional Ballot
Election Forms- All
Election Fraud Complaint
2016 List by county of provisional ballot counts 
Florida Election  Integrity- for voters

Voter Challenge Oath Template form (download to enter specific county)
     Florida Voter Challenge Guidelines

AbsenteeHome - County Vote-by-Mail and Early Voting Reports (floridados.gov)

VBM Archived History of votes

2022 FSE MEMBER RESOURCES- Workshops and Training - Canvassing committee, signature verification- download if possible not sure link will be accessible forever. 

Ballot Amendments

Signature Verification