Poll Worker

Uncle RonLet's ensure poll workers are not being discriminated based on their political party and are being hired and placed equitable in each county in Florida.  Previous elections poll workers applicants were not being hired, placed nor assigned locations in a manner that reflects equitable political party representation. 

1.  Apply to be a poll worker on your SOE website (see right side of page)

 2.  Please send an email to 2024PollWorker@gmail.com help FFE Coalition network & communicate within counties and  statewide.  You are the eyes and ears for our community!  

3.  Link to Poll Worker Recruiting Flyer- please encourage others to sign-up. 


4.  Please sign-up below to ensure equity in poll working hiring and to help document SOE poll worker policies and practices for county and statewide.  Your information will not be made public but will be used to network statewide.  

Please add your county
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If denied... did you receive a rejection email (please forward to 2024pollworker@gmail.com  if assigned did you request a location...and/or any other details you think would be important for our team to know. 
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