Fusion Centers- Homeland Security

homeland security

The members of CSSE are election officials, law enforcement, EAC, and several Left-wing organizations.

The "Keynote" address was given by Neal Kelley, former Registrar of Voters in Orange County, CA, and the current chairman of the Committee for Safe & Secure Elections (CSSE)  He also talked about election officials working with Fusion Centers that are connected to DHS. 

His most disturbing recommendation was for election officials to work with DHS by sending them a list of their poll workers, so DHS can research social media and scrub the list. DHS would then have information on Conservative poll workers who could be targeted as "Election Deniers" and  "Domestic Terrorists", based on their social media, and removed as poll workers. This direct involvement with DHS is another attempt to intimidate and thereby reduce the number of Conservative poll workers.