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If you do not live in Hillsborough and want to help- 
Poll Workers- contact your county supervisor of elections
Poll Watchers- contact your local political executive committee if you need help contact protectyourvotevolunteer@gmail.com 


We need Poll Watchers- Hillsborough

Poll watchers are volunteers trained and approved by a political party. New and returning poll watchers, please help us! We had wide coverage in the county during the 2022 midterms and so prevented the possibility of a great deal of voter fraud. Let’s do it again!

We are using a new online service, Volgistics, for scheduling poll watchers which will make scheduling a whole lot easier. Please sign up volunteer here! When you do, you will have the opportunity to sign up for training. If you have already been trained and feel confident retraining is not necessary, you can just review the PowerPoint presentation.  We made minor changes throughout the 2022 elections with updates.  We currently have two training sessions – one on-site and one over zoom – and a zoom session for review and Q & A:  In-person – Feb 4th 10am, Zoom- Jan 30th 7:00pm training, Zoom- Feb 26- Q & A review.

We need Poll Workers- Hillsborough

Poll Workers are hired and paid by The Supervisor of Elections (SOE). You can sign up on the SOE website to be a poll worker.  If you sign up, please let us know poll worker status link and keep us updated on your status with the SOE so we can ensure ‘equity’ in hiring. (See below.)

In the 2022 Midterms, although we had 579 Republican poll workers, 31 polling places had no Republican poll workers! We don’t want this to happen again. The SOE said it was because, on their application, most workers said “I prefer to work local” and not “I am willing to travel in Hillsborough County”. After talking to many poll workers, that didn’t seem to be the case. So, when you sign up to be a poll worker, if you can, specify, “I am willing to travel in Hillsborough County” and let us know about it via the poll worker status link above.

Election Integrity Statewide working teams- All Counties

Sign-up to help in your county or maybe you just want to learn what is going on.  Networking and sharing information is the key making our elections equitable for everyone who wants to have their vote counted. 

A national organization, Whoscounting. us, facilitates national zoom calls to network nationally and statewide.  Then Florida Fair Elections is the state coordinator.  

Teams include- vulunable voters (nursing home, overseas and military voters, United States Post Office, Technology, VoteByMail... there is something for everyone and WE NEED HELP.   

To get more information and/or questions contact protectyourvotevolunteer@gmail.com