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uncle sam

If you do not live in Hillsborough and want to help- 
Poll Workers- contact your county supervisor of elections
Poll Watchers- contact your local political executive committee if you need help contact 


We need Poll Watchers- Hillsborough

Poll watchers are volunteers trained and approved by a political party. New and returning poll watchers, please help us! We had wide coverage in the county during the 2022 midterms and so prevented the possibility of a great deal of voter fraud. Let’s do it again!

Please sign up volunteer here

Election Integrity Statewide working teams- All Counties

Sign-up to join your county or maybe you just want to learn what is going on.  Networking and sharing information is the key making our elections equitable for everyone who wants to have their vote counted.  A national organization, Whoscounting. us, facilitates national zoom calls to network nationally and statewide.  Florida Fair Elections is the state coordinator.  

Teams include- vulunable voters (nursing home, overseas and military voters, United States Post Office, Technology, VoteByMail... there is something for everyone and WE NEED HELP.   

To get more information and/or questions contact