5 Ways to Protect Your Vote

2022 General Election is around the corner. Volunteer to help this election and beyond.  We will be working after the election to clean-up voter rolls, investigate vulnerable voters, what happens to undeliverable ballots.... 

For voting recommendations includes judges-  embracelife911.org/voting 

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After you check your address to verify only you and your family are registered and your neighbors as suggested below:

  • Then begin to check empty lots in your area.  As you are driving around write the addresses then check to make sure no one is registered
  • Nursing home and apartment complexes... call or look-up online to see how many people could live at the complex/facility.  Check the voter roll to see how many people are registered

 "5 Ways to Protect Your Vote"  


 1.  CANCEL YOUR REQUEST TO RECEIVE MAIL-IN BALLOT.  Why is this important? Fewer ballots means it will be easier to locate and identify fraud. Voter signatures  impossible to verify, no attempt to verify, envelope and ballot being separated after opened, signatures can be easily forged, ballots can be taken from your mail box, easy for a group to confiscate multiple ballots as they are all mailed on the same day, mail ballots and envelopes are easy to replicate.
Link to FL all SOEs

    a. Call your SOE. Takes less than a minute to remove the mail ballot request.
         No online option for this request but it’s immediately updated!
  Write down person you spoke to, date and time.



Go to your SOE website  Hillsborough or  voterrecords.com -allows you to report information to this grassroots organization! 

a.  Verify your details are correct. 
b.  Search on your address to see if other voters registered at your address.

If any information is incorrect contact your SOE- call and email. 


Go to  voterrecords.com 

  1. Type in your name, select state, click on your street address.
  2. Click on neighbor’s names to see who is registered at each address. If unknown people are registered, people have died or moved away.  Take Action
  3. If you are certain information is incorrect submit an affidavit to the SOE. Complete the form or similar form and send it certified mail to the SOE or take to party HQ so  they can send certified mail. Link to Affidavit Template for your use. 
  4. Notify your political party or county elections integrity team so they can verify updates were made. 
  5. If you need help contact your political party and/or county election integrity team.
election day

4.  ONLY VOTE ON ELECTION DAY-(unless you are a poll worker or watcher) this will limit the data for early & absentee votes which can be used for projecting election trends and to influence voters. 

  1. Primary Election Day:  August 23, 2022
  2. Election Day:  November 8, 2022
volunteer    5.  VOLUNTEER- Every county needs poll watchers, poll workers and lawyers
protectyourvotefl.org/volunteer  If you cannot find information on being a poll worker on the SOE site do an internet search.  Some SOEs are making it difficult to sign-up and are also using temp agency and advertise on the internet.


Teresa Miller- contact if you have any questions or suggestions


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5 ways