Voter Rolls

The Peoples Audit

If you are a legal Florida voter and curious if someone is secretly voting from your home, we created this online system for you to check.

Our canvassing efforts have uncovered multiple locations that still have past residents still registered to vote at home all across Florida. Worse yet, those voters are still voting even when we tracked them down at their new residences OUT OF STATE!

Vote Reference is dedicated to ensuring transparent, accurate and fair elections in the United States of America. The purpose of this website is to provide public access to official government data pertaining to elections, including voter registration rolls, with a goal of encouraging greater voter participation in all fifty states.

Our system of government is based upon citizen participation. We believe the people, in effect, own this data and have a legal right to see it in an understandable and transparent form. Let freedom ring.

Voter Records

Who is registered at your house?  Does your neighborhood have clean rolls? Verify if incorrect send an affida/resources-3vit to your Supervisor of Elections. is a free political research tool allowing the study of raw voter data.